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History of Oasen Plumbing

John, Art, and Bob Oasen
John, Art, and Bob Oasen

In the early 1930's

Art Oasen was a plumber for Hyland-Hall Plumbing Co. His son, Bob, was a journeyman plumber before he went into service.

Bob returned from WW2 in 1946 and earned his Master Plumber License. Bob and Art became business partners and started Oasen Plumbing Co. They ran the business from Art's home until 1956 when they relocated to the first floor of a Johnson Street apartment building.

When John returned from service in the Korean Conflict in 1954, he began his plumbing Apprenticeship. After earning his Journeyman and Master's License, John and Bob became business partners. 

In the early 1970's

a new building next door to the original was built. Bob retired in 1980 and his brother, John, continued the business from his house until moving the business to a renovated building on Cottage Grove Road in 1992.

John's sons, Jim and Ken, earned their Master Plumber License in 1992 and 1995 respectively. Jim and Ken relocated the business to its current location in 2006. 

John and Bob Oasen
John and Bob Oasen
Oasen Plumbing Inc, 3862 Johns Street, Madison, WI 53714
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